Type 925: Multifunction Supply Manifold

Provides a common supply port for the Type-550 or Type-900X I/P, E/P.  Individual shut-offs allow in use service.


The Type 925 Multifunction Manifold provides a common supply port to our Type 900X and Type 550X I/P, E/P transducers.  Manifolds are available to hold 3, 5, 10 and 15 units. Inlet ports feature a patented individual shutoff valve that allows safe on-line service or modification with supply pressure on. Individual units
may be installed or removed without effecting other units on the manifold. Construction of the manifold is simple and flexible.  Connection ports thread easily into the I/P, E/P units.  No additional hardware such as check valves or adapter kits are required. The Type 925 is DIN rail mountable (optional).  The Type 925 can also be used as a common output manifold for solenoid valves.

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